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Accomplished projects in the last 29 years

  • Girls' club in Kassel city center / rental costs
  • Friends of the day care center Landaustraße / promotion of physical activity
  • Georg Büchner School Kassel / Development and expansion of the school newspaper
  • Ernst-Leinius-School Kassel/Light House
  • Youth Welfare Office children's office / schoolyard design in 3 schools
  • Hermann-Harmann-Haus daycare center / purchase of a slide
  • Lebenshilfe e.V. Kassel / music project and open youth club / project "music, play, learning"
  • Place for children / purchase of exercise equipment
  • Slaughterhouse Kassel / graffiti project
  • Nils Holgerson day care center / therapy room facility
  • Colored pencil Kassel / Interactive SMS lexicon
  • Deutscher Kinderschutzbund Kassel / room expansion project AKERO-Aktiv for children and parents in Rothenditmold
  • Diakonisches Werk Kassel / Group offer for primary school children
  • Waldau / playground equipment Lernhof nature
  • Heilhaus Kassel / School places for seriously ill children- Equipment classroom
  • International Federation / Meal as a place of social learning
  • Kassel youth ring / Internet cafe "Juice Net"
  • Beetroot playmobile / folding tent / climbing net and studio case
  • Komma e.V. Kassel / active playground Quellhofstraße Waveboards
  • 1. Girls' House in Kassel / Girls on Stage theater project / GPS tour / Establishment of a bicycle workshop
  • Waldorf School Kassel / Games and materials Kindergarten and day-care center
  • Ponydrome Kassel- therapeutic riding / material "moving riding arena"
  • Mr. Wilson Skateboard Verein Kassel / Ramps expansion
  • Educational aids day group north Auguste Förster / games and sports equipment
  • ZirkuTopia Kassel / lighting system, ground anchor
  • Evangelical youth parish office / new acquisition of play equipment (Playstation)
  • Daycare center Harleshausen / playground equipment swing
  • Brückenhof day care center / Clubhouse roofing
  • Alexander Schmorell School / various purchases of disabled children / bus
  • Playhouse Weidestrasse / purchase of equipment, material and books
  • Internationaler Bund Boxcamp / purchase of a basketball hoop
  • Anne Frank House Kassel / Acquisition of a mirror for a dance project
  • Villa Kunterbunt / Holiday offer children and. Teenagers
  • Dynamo wind turbine Kassel / purchase of boxing ring
  • Adventure playground Niederzwehren / game materials ZirkuTopia concept
  • Playhouse Weidestrasse / subsidy accommodation Easter leisure time for disadvantaged families
  • Waldau educational region / Waldau primary school Acquisition of books
  • Kinder Haus Waldau / educational trip for children
  • Youth Welfare Office Forstbachweg / Midnight Football Tournament with Comma e.V.
  • Komma e.V. active playground in Quellhofstraße / cooperation project with the Carl-Anton-Henschel-School
  • Anne Frank House / dance project "Do it"
  • Salvadore Allende Youth Center / Camcorder
  • Klangkeller e.V. / Equipment rehearsal room
  • Ideas workshop Kassel Fichtnerstraße / indoor project air hockey table
  • Waldau youth center / book project city anniversary
  • Daycare center Forstbachweg / Project Hugo - wish list
  • Mattenberg day care center / equipment crib group stroller twins
  • Kindergarten Landaustraße / Air-Tack-Mat
  • Education aids Auguste-Förster / winter clothing
  • Health department of the Kassel region / vaccine for uninsured children
  • Children's farm in the Wesertor district / animal training and veterinary fees
  • Play mobile beetroot / game activities game afternoons
  • Brückenhof day care center / large building blocks for movement
  • Nordverbund Kassel / Acquisition of computers for 11 facilities
  • VHS German summer / language support for migrant children
  • Wilhelm-Lückert-School Kassel
  • Alexander-Schmorell-School Kassel
  • Friedrich-Wöhler-School Kassel
  • Georg-Büchner-School Kassel
  • Jean-Paul-School Kassel
  • ZirkuTopia Kassel
  • German Child Protection Association
  • Social Aid Kassel / Tiger Duck Race
  • Girls' meeting - Girls only
  • Progress Nordhessen
  • Spielraum theater Mr. Becker
  • Bolzköppe Kassel

Burn on the face / surgery

Traumatized child after stab injury / setting up children's room

Wheelchairs for several children in Morocco

Hemangioma / cost clinic

Vascular sclerotherapy / support, surgery in 2019, medication 2020

Oxygen deficiency during childbirth / dolphin therapy

Cerebral hemorrhage and autism / dolphin therapy

Stroke / support, therapies

orthodontic treatment

orthodontic treatment

Stuttering therapy

Stuttering therapy

Stuttering therapy

Asperger's Syndrome / Family Help

Cystic fibrosis / family help

Stuttering therapy

Diagnostics in clinic with MRI

Fingers grown together since birth / hand surgery operation

Cleft lip and palate / control university clinic

Burns of the neck, head, back / accommodation and travel expenses youth home

Amputation of the leg / part of the leg prosthesis

Kidney Transplant / Family Aid

Perthes disease / therapy costs osteopathy

Renal insufficiency / proportion of kidney surgery

Paralysis / sports wheelchair

Mucopolysaccharidosis / Inpatient treatment clinic

Pulmonary fibrosis / auto

Renal insufficiency / check-up clinic

100% visual impairment / learning aid

Rheumatism / proportion of children's rooms

Risk of suicide / special educational school costs

Accident and severe pelvic injury / hospital surgery costs

severe burns on both legs / surgery costs

Medical care hospital

Neurological illness / therapy costs after Breuer's stay

orthodontic treatment

orthodontic treatment

Stuttering therapy

Stuttering therapy

Stuttering therapy

Asperger's Syndrome / Family Help

Cystic fibrosis / family help

Stuttering therapy

Street child with malnutrition / hospital accommodation expenses

Gastric bleeding / hospital expenses and medication

Child with Down syndrome / recreational stay

heavy tetraspastic / NF walker

Mucopolysaccharidosis / companion dog and dolphin therapy

Heart failure / support foods

Paralysis from 4th cervical vertebrae / purchase Giger MB movement system

Type 1 diabetes / proportion of training, therapy dog

Aicardi syndrome / help with the purchase of a handicapped accessible car

Cerebral palsy with spasticity / proportion of a car suitable for the disabled

4th degree burns / treatment with prosthetic arms and legs; Pohlig Traunstein company

Vascular tumor of the face and neck / support for operations 2016 to 2019

Adams-Oliver Syndrome / Family Help

Oxygen deficiency during childbirth / intensive therapy in Slovakia

Neurofibromatous disease with tumors / proportion of screen reader

Seat shell and medication 

Child with leukemia / treatment in clinic

Heart disease girl / remaining costs of surgery and treatment

Lower jaw ameloblastoma / treatment by maxillofacial surgeon

Hip pelvis malposition / assumption of hospital fees

Disabled child / flight costs dolphin therapy

3rd and 4th degree burns with foot amputation / hospitalization

Liver transplant / fitted changing table in car

Goldenhars Syndrome / Clinic Treatment Costs

Heart disease child / percentage operation

Premature birth with disabilities / flight costs

Several children from Chernobyl / eye surgery

Albinism / percentage of therapy dog

Epilepsy / treatment clinic

Charity campaign to save children with heart disease from El Salvador

Lung tumor / surgery clinic

Zainab from Pakistan: A dream came true!

Thank you very much for the generous support of the following foundations, without this help we would not have been able to realize this project. We would also like to thank the foundations that do not wish to be named here.

Current projects


against drugs, alcohol, violence and bullying in schools Project manager Thomas “Stolle” Stolkmann

In 2016, Stolle was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his 10-year prevention project.

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We continuously support children with a wide variety of clinical pictures:

For almost 20 years, ComputerImpuls has been working side by side with its customers for the optimal use of IT technology and software.

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Again and again we get great thank you letters from people whom we have been able to do something good with the help of donated dental gold. We receive these acknowledgments, among other things, in the form of letters, postcards or hand-painted pictures. In the following you will find a selection of these submissions that are so important for us and our work ...

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