Urgent help for Anastasia wanted!

Urgent help for Anastasia wanted!

DRINGEND (Stand 12.Juni 2021) : Anastasias Zustand hat sich verschlechtert und sie muss dringend operiert werden. Ansonsten droht sogar eine Amputation!

Anastasia is seriously ill.

The girl from Russia suffers from a rare vascular malformation and fights her illness day in and day out. She is a very curious and kind-hearted child. Anastasia is patient and brave, but often endures pain. 

She is supported by mom, dad, her two grandmas and her grandpa. 

They all give her as much love as they can. In financial terms, however, the parents of the 7-year-olds are below average. Your salaries cannot cover what your daughter and granddaughter so desperately need.

Anastasia is in first grade and has only a few friends there. 

Because what is normal for children of her age means an emotional challenge for Anastasia: running and jumping are not possible due to her illness. 

In the school playground breaks, the little one usually reads a book,

in her spare time she attends an art school. Anastasia likes to paint and sculpt figures from clay. 

Her greatest dream is to become a chemist one day.

If, however, she now had one heartfelt wish, it would be to have a little red kitten to cuddle with - that's what Anastasia dreams of.

Anastasia is a very rare vascular malformation, a venous malformation of the left leg, the lower quadrant of the trunk and the genitals.

Since she was 6 months old, the big toe on the left foot and the genitals were significantly larger. 

Worsening could have serious consequences; the 7-year-old's leg would have to be amputated.

Unfortunately, there are no doctors in Russia who have a so-called 

Can treat Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. So it had to be handed over to German specialists.

Course of treatment:

  • June 2014: Földi Clinic - Specialist Clinic for Lymphology in the Black Forest, Prof. Dr. med. Foldi
  • Compression therapy and manual lymph drainage and learning the technique for self-application 
  • Whole body MRI and MR Angio in the Freiburg Clinic / confirmation of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
  • June 2015: University Hospital Regensburg, Prof. Dr. med. Walter A. Wohlgemuth, specialty: vascular formations in children
  • First examinations as well as 1st and 2nd operative sclerotherapy treatment
  • August 2018 and October 2019: University Hospital Halle (Saale)
  • 3. And 4. Surgical sclerotherapy treatment

Current status:

Further surgery and the use of the drug Rapamune (sirolimus) were ordered.

Due to the pandemic, the girl had to have her last inpatient treatment

had to be postponed.

A further delay would lead to further damage to health. 

The next possible in-patient appointment at the Halle (Saale) Clinic is July 29, 2021 

Total costs required for Anastasia's treatment:


We ask for your support - even the smallest donation counts in order to make the girl's life a little more worth living and, above all, more pain-free.

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