Ewen - a little fighter is looking for help

Ewen - a little fighter is looking for help

8-year-old Ewen had a rough start in life. Since birth, he has suffered from a number of severe disabilities including epilepsy, tetraspasticity, scoliosis and various developmental disorders.

Complications arose during the birth. Ewen was born lifeless, had to be resuscitated for an hour and then fell into a coma. 

The resulting lack of oxygen irreparably damaged his brain.

For this reason, the boy is unfortunately one of those children who need intensive therapy and, above all, long-term treatment and support.

Unfortunately, his health did not improve and health insurers did not approve further rehabilitation for Ewen's neurological intensive therapies.

Ewen's parents looked for alternatives and came across neuro-rehabilitation treatment at the Adeli Medical Center in Slovakia. This form of intensive therapy is also not supported by health insurance. My parents try to make this 14-day therapy possible for me twice a year, which, per unit and with accommodation, costs 6000 €. Through the therapy I am happier, my spasticity is more solved and I am generally much more mobile and alert. I went there for the first time when I was 2 years old, and I have had 12 treatments so far.

Ewen has also attended therapies abroad. One of these therapies, according to Prof. Dr. Kozijavkin on Cyprus, is unique in its mode of action and is also not supported by health insurance. It costs 8000€ with flight and 14-day accommodation. Through this, the scoliosis has improved significantly, his hands have opened, as well as his gaze. 

The boy also attended dolphin therapy on Curacao.

What else there is to know about Ewen:

The 8-year-old has tetraspasticity, scoliosis, developmental and memory disorders, reflux, microcephalus, sensorineural hearing loss, is neurologically blind, cannot sit, stand or walk.

He likes light, vibrations, strong contrasts, music, bathing and most of all cuddling. The latter is helped by his big brother, the house cat and a dog.

Ewen`s parents are collecting donations for:

- for neurological intensive therapy at Adeli Medical Center in Slovakia

- for the therapy according to Prof. Dr. Kozijavkin on Cyprus

- for a wheelchair accessible car

If you would also like to support little Ewen and his family, please contact us. Every donation can make the life of this little fighter a little more bearable. Also follow Ewen`s progress on his facebook page - "Ewen little fighter goes his way"..

Thank you!

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